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Divorce is not the end, but a transition for families.

Contemplating divorce and seeking legal guidance? Attorney Karen A. Myatt helps couples in transition by providing efficient and effective representation or mediation in any Family Law matter. Seaglass Law & Mediation serves clients in both Massachusetts and Florida. 

Practice Areas

At Seaglass Law & Mediation we know that one size does not fit all for people seeking to resolve family law-related conflicts peacefully. This is why we offer options. Click on a service to learn more.

We offer a free 15-minute telephone consult.

Let’s talk and see if a team approach to conflict resolution and transition will work for you. 

Karen A. Myatt ESQ

Karen A. Myatt completed undergraduate studies from the University of New Hampshire including a BGS degree majoring in Behavioral Science and a minor in Business Administration. This Massachusetts native also attended the University of Miami School of Law and attained a JD.

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